First Ever Color Coded Kids Course in Florissant (Founder’s basement)

First Ever Color Coded Kids Course in Florissant (Founder’s basement)


Color Coded Kids® (CCK) is an interactive, educational and fun classroom designed to teach elementary, middle and high school students the fundamentals of computer programming. In this classroom setting, kids will learn how to write code, understand definitions and behaviors of code values and create their own video games.  The classroom will be led by instructors from leading corporations in the region. By the end of this 12-week journey, your child will become a certified CODEt!


Is your child a gamer? Does he/she play video games frequently? Instead of playing the game, how about learning the foundation of the game? Learn things like what makes the characters move or what makes the ball bounce in a certain direction. Coding is the act of programming a technological device (mobile, laptop, iPad) to perform certain tasks by writing codes to enable those tasks. Color Coded Kids is designed to teach your child how to build and develop applications using codes. The language we are teaching is JavaScript.  The Introduction to Coding session will teach the fundamentals of coding, catering to your child's needs. No need to worry about missing a class. Each class is unique yet still focused on the fundamentals of coding.  The kids are in school all day and we get that,  therefore we designed Color Coded Kids to be a fun, yet learning environment. Each session is taught with the premise of teaching the basics in a way that is interactive, creative and exciting. Explore Color Coded Kids! We are coding the future in color. 


CCK was established in 2016, designed for elementary, middle school and high school students to develop, nurture, and create an early interest in the technology sector. This classroom setting focuses on the fundamentals of programming while ensuring the environment is interactive, educational and fun. CCK helps kids to develop a love for technology at an early age to ultimately increase the talent pool of qualified candidates in technology related careers.

  • Vision: To teach every kid across the globe how to code.

  • Mission: To expose and educate as many children as possible as early as possible to computer programming in order to increase the pipeline of diverse talent in technology fields for years to come.

  • Target Audiences: Elementary and middle school students with the desire to learn computer programming fundamentals. High school students interested in app development. Schools and organizations looking for a quality to bring computer programming to their organizations.

  • Service: CCK will catapult students into an interactive, fun environment that teaches the basics of computer programming, using the programming languages Python, JavaScript CSS and HTML widely used by web developers around the globe. Students will learn the fundamentals of application development which includes learning how to build game applications while learning programming definitions, syntax, functions, algorithms and much more. Once completed, your child will become a Color Coded CODEt!


  • Respect – everyone is respected

  • Enthusiasm – environment of high energy and enthusiasm

  • Attitude – positive forward-thinking attitude

  • Client Satisfaction – is the foundation for growth

  • Honesty and Integrity – essential in order for the business to thrive


Classes are now held in Florissant, MO, St. Louis, MO, Arlington, VA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Charlotte, NC, New York and Atlanta, GA.